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Safri Image Reload / Resize Bug Example

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To duplicate this bug, you'll need to be running Safari. First, click on the thumbnail for the first image, then on a thumbnail for one of the two images labled stretch. You'll see that though the images are different sizes, Safari does not resize them property. Instead, it stretches the new images to fit the size of the previous image. Clicking on the reset image which is a different width and height than the others seems to reset the image and it draws OK.

Note that both the width and the height have to be different for Safari to properly reset the sizes. If either the width or height is the same as the previous image, it won't do it.

The code that does the actual switching is below. It is a very simple javascript src switch that works fine in every other browser I've tested (IE 5+, Mozilla & Family, Opera 7.x).

function swapImage(id,newSrc){ document.getElementById(id).src = newSrc; }